Best Marijuana Strains To Grow

Best Marijuana Strains To Grow

Top-quality marijuana strains produce an abundance of buds, but they are also simple to cultivate. Those who have discovered this hybrid form tend to grow it. However, simply attempting to sprout a seed can fail inexperienced gardeners.

Information About the Best Marijuana Strains to Grow

As it happens, many growers ran across the same issue when they first began out. When they fail spectacularly, they decide to stop growing and buy instead. However, gardeners’ most common mistake is running out of patience and failing to search for the best seed.

While it is true that not all strains are created equal, it is worthwhile to determine which one best suits your needs. Keep in mind that some strains are more resistant to stress than others. Some are more potent than others. Finally, some proliferate or provide enormous yields.

As a result, in this post, we will discuss the most general characteristics that growers search for in strains to plant. More significantly, we offer the names of popular strains and a summary of what distinguishes them. Continue reading to find out which one has the best characteristics, and then start planting.

Characteristics of a Good Marijuana Strain

A superb cannabis hybrid, of course, should have exceptional genetics that makes it desirable to produce. It indicates several characteristics that make it a top pick for most growers most of the time – Easy to Grow and High Potency.

Easy to Grow

It is every cannabis grower’s dream strain. Having an easy-to-grow plant saves time and effort intending to it and money. As a result, this term refers to plants derived from hardy strains resistant to nearly any form of stress.

4 Hardy Cannabis Strains Recommendations

The strains listed below have been deliberately bred to be easy to grow. As a result, they are very resistant to various pressures that could weaken the plants.

Blue Cheese Strain

This variety is resistant to typical pressures such as pests, mold, and excessive or insufficient watering. It may also grow well in small settings, such as boxes with LED lights. Blue Cheese is not only easy to grow, but it is also high-yielding and has a quick flowering time.

This variety is Indica-dominant in terms of biology. As a result, it produces a heavy body high. As a result, individuals utilize it to reduce pain and tension at the end of the day.

Blue Dream Strain

It is not only well-known but also simple to cultivate. As a result, it is suitable for inexperienced growers. It thrives, in particular, in the presence of common cannabis plant issues like root rot and powdery mildew.

Blue Dream is likewise a high-yielding variety with a 7-9-week flowering period. Thanks to its delicious berry fragrance, this Sativa-dominant strain is ideal for a daytime treat.

Northern Lights Strain

Aside from its legendary benefits, what distinguishes this strain is that it has less odor than other strains. This makes it easy to store and care for privacy concerns. Northern Lights is also incredibly robust, potent, and produces many buds in 7-9 weeks.

This widely regarded strain is 100% Indica. Therefore it has a very soothing effect. Its purple blossoms have a sweet and spicy perfume that many people enjoy.


This Indica-dominant hybrid thrives under challenging environments and blossoms in eight weeks. As a result, we don’t have to be concerned about giving it too much attention. And, true to its name, it smells like papaya.

High Potency

Some strains have such a high potency that they have won several cannabis prizes. They frequently become best-sellers and develop a solid reputation after that. Here are a few of the award-winning plants that have achieved legendary status.

4 Highly Effective Strains Recommendations

If potency is your top priority, look no further. Here are some weed seeds with high thc content that we can cultivate in our greenhouses.

Gorilla Glue #4

This award-winning hybrid from 2014 is such a potent strain that customers seek it out. It is also known as the GG strain, and it has an intense and sour earthy aroma that produces excellent pleasure and relaxation.

Jack Herer

This world-famous strain, commonly known as the “champagne of strains,” was created by Jack Herer Sensi Seeds. According to Seed Supreme, Jack Herer is a perfect cross of Sativa and Indica genes. As a result, it can provide full-body relaxation while producing a very strong high.

Unfortunately, this strain can be tough to grow and delivers average yields. As a result, it is best suited for fans. As a result, farmers looking for excellent products will be disappointed by this strain.

Sour diesel

The original strain offers powerful and long-lasting mind-altering effects. This characteristic has made the sour-smelling strain so popular among customers.

When it comes to growth, it stretches and thins out. As a result, Sour Diesel typically yields only a few buds. Gardeners must top and train this plant to produce significant yields to address this issue.

When correctly pruned, the buds it produces can have a high concentration of THC. Unfortunately, growth can be challenging. As a result, many enthusiasts attempt to create a new version of this strain that is easier to cultivate.

The White Widow

The White Widow is a genuine award-winning strain that continues to impress cannabis judges and fans. It has become a significant attraction in many dispensaries because it uplifts and boosts customers’ happiness. It has also been the best-seller in Dutch coffee shops since its inception in the 1990s.

This strain is also simple to grow, and it may be harvested in four weeks indoors if adequately cared for. However, it is not a high-yielding investment, which boosts its worth even further.

Different Strains Have Different Qualities

Nothing else than starting with the optimal marijuana strain will ensure an excellent marijuana growth outcome. Finally, when it comes to cannabis cultivation, selecting the best seed can make a tremendous impact. However, careful investigation is required to find the best one due to the many choices available.

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