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Feminized seeds the game-changing discovery in the recent years

Prepare yourselves for a big claim: feminized seeds are one of the most game-changing discoveries in plant breeding in recent years, according to experts. Why? Because feminized seeds promise plants with smokable buds, male flowers (which are not suitable for smoking) are absent from the scene. Is that a good sound? Please allow us to explain.

The Feminized Seed

Feminized seeds are those produced by a pot plant whose parents were both females. Because feminized seeds have no male parents (XY genetics), all plants grown will be seedless females (XX genetics). This is wonderful news for growers since it almost eliminates the chance of male seeds.A female plant with seedless buds is nearly a given when you spread seeds (the holy grail of ganja growers everywhere).

If you have those odds, you won’t have to spend a lot of time and effort selecting male plants from your grow space.You also won’t have to worry about the female plants that emerge being pollinated and producing seed, which is a less-than-ideal outcome.Plant just feminized seeds if your goal is to produce only resin-filled blossoms from your grow operation.

It all comes down to the fact that female plants are produced from feminized-seeds.

Female plants that go unpollinated generate more abundant and potent buds and don’t squander their energy. Growing seeds create more productive and strong buds. In essence, fewer seeds equals more power for flowers.

This is how it goes.

When the days get shorter in the late summer, female cannabis plants begin to blossom.

The flowering phase is defined as the time between the first symptoms of flowering and when the buds are fully ripe and ready to harvest.Female cannabis plants grown in the presence of male cannabis plants will invariably become pollinated and produce seeds throughout the flowering time (according to nature).

Female cannabis plants that have not been fertilised, on the other hand, survive longer and produce flowers for up to a month longer than their fertilised counterparts.The stem and leaves cease developing simultaneously, and the plant focuses all of its energy on growing larger, more developed buds (flowers).This extra metabolic energy, which would have otherwise gone toward seed synthesis, also helps to boost cannabinoid, terpene, and flavonoid production.

Medical Expertise

That is, in the end, what makes feminised seeds superior.A higher THC content suggests a more intense psychedelic experience. A higher CBD content equates to a more intense medical expertise. More terpenes and flavonoids also guarantee a better tasting and smelling end product.

Feminized seeds, as previously said, grow into plants that do not generate sources.

The lack of seeds in the finished product (flowers) makes those buds easier to use when consuming the bizarre plant.Consuming cannabis was a labour-intensive activity before growers discovered how to feminize seeds (and cultivate only female plants).

You’d have to start by rooting about in the sticky muck with your fingers to extract the seeds from the buds.Then and only then could you begin grinding, rolling, baking, or bonging.If you skipped the de-seeding stage, the smoke you inhaled would soon taste burnt, and it would smell like a coal furnace (not the dank fragrance you were used to).

It was a mess searching around in your buds for seeds. It also messed with the potency, which is likely the essential aspect. Cannabinoids would attach to your fingers the more you manhandled the buds.

Though the sticky material can be rolled into a hash, most users prefer it to stay on the buds, where it can be easily used in the joints and bowls they move.Feminized seeds and the female plants they produce take care of everything, leaving you with a more pure experience.It’s as simple as grinding, rolling, lighting, and enjoying.

If you’re beginning from the ground up, you have a few options:

  • Purchase feminized seeds and attempt to produce as many dank buds as possible.
  • Grow other feminized seeds by purchasing feminized seeds.
  • Grow both buds and feminized seeds by purchasing feminised seeds (not necessarily on the same plant). You Can visit the United Strains of America to buy it here as well.

We recommend the last option since it gives you the best of both worlds: fresh blooms and feminised seeds for the future generation.In the steps below, we’ll teach you one of the simplest ways to make feminised seeds using colloidal silver.

1) Purchase and Plant Feminized Seeds

Everything begins here, so invest in some high-quality feminized seeds and be confident in the result.

2) Remove at least two plants from the mix.

You’ll need at least two plants for feminized pollen (only XX genes) and another for pollination.Don’t eat the buds from which you acquire the feminized pollen because they’ll be a complete waste of time (apart from the pollen).Of course, you can pollinate multiple plants, but

keep in mind that the blossoms will be fewer and less effective because the plant will be focusing its efforts on generating feminized seeds.

3) Apply Colloidal Silver to Bud Sites

Spray the bud sites of one female plant with colloidal silver every day after switching to a 12/12 

light schedule.Instead of flowers, the bud sites will develop into feminised pollen sacs as they mature (containing nothing but XX genes).

4) Collect the pollen that has been feminised

The pollen is ready to harvest when the leaf part protecting the pollen sacs begins to crack. Removing the pollen sacs from the plant and drying them for a week is the simplest method.Then, shake the sacs briskly in a paper bag or plastic baggie to release the pollen.

5) Get Rid Of Your First Plant

Remove the plant after you’ve harvested the pollen sacs.WARNING: The flowers, leaves, and stems still contain colloidal silver, so don’t use them for anything.

6) Collect pollen from another female plant

Pollinate another female plant with the feminised pollen from the first plant after flowering for two to three weeks.

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